Dealers of embroidery machines, rapier looms, needle looms, water jet looms.
Product(s) : Embroidery machine, Raiper Looms, Water Jet Looms, Needle Looms
Minimum Retail Qty. : 5
Minimum Dealer Qty. : 65
Date Added : June 27, 2011
Expiration : 1019 Day(s)
Views : 1540
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Company Profile

We are committed to serve our customers with sales and service required to keep them in pace with the Technological Up gradations occurring worldwide. We cater to the dynamic needs of customers by providing quality and cost effective machinery. This has been possible since we procure machinery and their spare parts at reasonable price from various countries as per the client requirement and technical specification.


Basic Information
Business Type : Dealers of embroidery mahine
We Sell : Embroidery machine, Raiper Looms, Water Jet Looms, Needle Looms
We Buy : Raw material
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