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We offer the following services to apparel, fabric, accessory, machinery, equipment, yarn, fibre, dyes, trims and other allied industries.
• Business: Exploring new & unique opportunities for buying and selling of goods & services, most helpful for suppliers and manufacturers. Also you can liquidate your excess production, delayed shipments and excess stock of materials.
• News: Right information at the right time is very important for today’s knowledge driven economy. Our news service makes the industry aware of the policy decisions affecting their business, performance of companies, brands, and the latest trends and technology.
• Articles: Our well researched write-ups provide you a knowledge base about the best practices in manufacturing, supply chain, and customer relation. They update you on the challenges faced by Textile-Apparel-Fashion industries, globally.
• Directory: We offer the most comprehensive, classified and updated information of the industry with complete profile from around the globe.
• Jobs: Job listing of Textilenow.com is an initiative to bring together employers and employees on a singular platform dedicated to the industry internationally. This service fulfils the mutual needs of employers and job seekers.
Apart from these, we also offer dedicated channels delivering useful information for decision making such as Machinery, IT-Solutions, Fashion Gear and Educational Institutes.

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