Surbhi Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd
Product(s) : Embroidery Saree & Suits
Minimum Retail Qty. : 5
Minimum Dealer Qty. : 55
Date Added : January 29, 2010
Expiration : 643 Day(s)
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Surbhi Textile Mills

Surbhi Textile Mills is involved in manufacturing the latest, trendy and quality embroidered sarees, dresses & garments. With more than 30 Computerized Embroidery Machines including: 1) Schiffli machines (11) 2) Chinese Computerized Embroidery Machines including both multi & double sequins machines 9*300, 9*400 with 6 needles (18) Our company continuously strives to provide our clients ( both wholesalers & retailers) with best, latest, trendy & quality finished embroidered sarees, dresses and garments (including lumps). Company is also involved in manufacturing Yarn & Grey fabric Kindly contact Mr. Rashesh @ +91 98253 27743 for placing an order. For export orders call us @ +91 261 2365001

Basic Information
Business Type : Embroidery Saree & Dress Manufacturer
We Sell : Embroidery Saree & Dress
We Buy : Thread, Jari, Sequence, Fabric
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