We are manufacturer of bemberg fabric, nylon fabric, pure silk fabric, viscose fabric.
Product(s) : Viscose Fabric, Bemberg Fabric, pure silk fabric, nylon fabric, Dyeing & Printing Section
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Company Profile

                                                                    Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala

The Firm Was Established on 1975 under partnership act 1932. The Firm is engaged in manufacturing of various types of Fabric like Georgette, Chiffon and Crepe from bemberg & Viscose

The firm key person are two brothers, Mr Mukeshchandra Balvantrai Rotliwala and Satishchandra Balvantrai Rotliwala and their sons are Mr. Shiv Rotliwala and Mr. Ram Rotliwala.

M/s Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala under its brand ‘” has earned a reputation for over thirty five years as a reliable supplier of premium Asahi Bemberg Fabrics

M/s. Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala is producing exclusive Asahi Bemberg Chiffon, Georgette Chinon-Chiffon, and Crepe etc. fabrics with plain & jacquard design work since 35 years.

B.L.R. Exports keep abreast with the world's latest creations & quality standards with practical business sense. We make efforts to ensure our relationship is smooth & everlasting. We cater to quality sensitive markets, throughout the world.

M/s. Balvantrai Lallubhai Rotliwala provide to the fabrics market with products such as Sarees, Dress Materials Dupattas and  Jacquards, manufactured from Asahi Bemberg Yarn.

The Firm purchases major Raw Materials from Japan, German, China and local also. The Firm basically makes fabrics with extraordinary quality.

Most of the sales of the fabrics are in all part of India such as Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and U.P are major consumers of Bemberg and viscose Fabrics. Customer Satisfaction is our motivation.


Basic Information
Business Type : Manufacturer of Viscose Fabric, Bemberg Fabric, pure silk fabric, nylon fabric, Dyeing & Printing Section
We Sell : Viscose Fabric, Bemberg Fabric, Dyeing & Printing Section
We Buy : Dye, yarn, grey
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